Get The Heck Out


Use your weapons to battle through one hundred waves of drones to Get The Heck Out of the space base.

You will start off weak, but gradually become very powerful.

At the beginning of each level, collect one upgrade.

Occasionally receive a permanent upgrade that will remain with you through defeat.

Beam Speed
Your beams travel through space faster.
Firing Rate
Your weapon fires more frequently when in full auto.
Beam Count
You shoot more beams each time your weapon fires.
Beam Power
Each beam does more damage.
Increase your total armor.
Repair Armor
Completely repair your armor.
Increase your total shielding.
Shield Recharge
Increase the rate at which your shield recharges.
Laser Sights
Add laser sights to your weapon to make aiming easier.
Second Weapon
Get a weapon in your left hand.
Full Auto
Fire repeatedly when holding the trigger down.
Your beams bounce off walls.
Your beams slow down drones.
10% chance of each beam bouncing off an enemy and into another one.
Your beams impact the drones with enough force to throw off their aim.